Our backyard


Wondering what to post about today, I realized I have never shown a full shot of the backyard.  You know a zoomed right out, unedited, showing it all kind of photo…

This is taken from the the verandah.  The herb garden and the blue tubs (that seem to multiply overnight) are on the right.  The vegie beds are on the left. 

The chook pen is on the left behind the pavers and clothes line.  The weird frame thing behind the compost tumbler (another blue drum!)  is heading out to my parents place, later this week, for their herbs.  It was a hydroponic garden, however I didn’t have enough water to maintain it, so it is now moving on to be a container garden to grow their herbs.  Mum recently had a birthday so I am building her a container vegetable garden as her present, complete with plants.

Things that still need a home and are sort of waiting to be used elsewhere…

  • blue tub full of preserving bottles (going to the shed)
  • the pile of tonka toys (I need an outside toy box, any suggestions?)
  • the two black compost bins – going up beside the shed
  • roofing iron – for the new chook house
  • boxes of plants up next to the chook pen – going to a new garden… somewhere

Also it sounds like Hubby wants to start the next major project in the yard.  A gazebo, cum carport, cum shady spot for the afternoons.  With grapes growing all over it.  (this was his suggestion!)  I will let you know what happens…

For me I still have bed 5 to go in and the garden beds running down the right-hand side of the yard.

So that is it really.  There is still so much to be done, but so much has been done.

Before we started the yard changes...

 Edited Note:  Can Deb from Greenfumb, please email me again with her address.  The email gremlins somehow deleted all my emails to a place I can not find…. Em


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  1. I’ve sent it again. Hope it has some good tips for coping with white cabbage moths grrrrr
    thx Deb

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