Back to basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting – This week in the propagation box I have sunflowers (only because the chook fence wasn’t finished), luffas (same again), roma tomatoes and some camp joy cherry toms.  Oh and cow peas for Chook food.

The cucumbers are ready to be planted out.  And I really need to get the pumpkin and watermelons in.  (again the chooks!)  The boys are really interested in a bean pole teepee. 

This is taken from a book we found at the Library, “Gardening with Kids – Growing things to eat”  Its by Yates.

I finished the chook fence yesterday so I should be ok to start preparing the gardens for direct planting.  The fence is having its first test run as I type.

Also I am debating about putting the Apple trees in.  It is really not the ideal time to be planting them but I need to get them into shape now before the softwood starts to turn to hardwood, as I want them in an espalier shape.   The other option is to try wiring them like a bonsai and waiting until winter to plant them out?

Planning for The Future – A New BUDGET and set up B-Pay for our bills.   The last few weeks we have been spending and wasting money.  Also I need to work harder on our meal planner.  By the end of the fortnight I am starting to slack off and not follow my plan. 

Eyeing off the pomegrantes growing on the traffic island on Tor St.  They are flowering at the moment.  Free fruit maybe?  There is also some Guarvas flowering up near St Josephs…  Hopefully I can get to them before the fruit fly set in….

Working for the future–  The homebrew is bubbling I only put it on yesterday (we have all been sick) so in the next week it will be bottling time.  Hubby still needs to look at the soda stream machine.  (Yep I am reminding you dear) 😉

Bed 4 is complete and Bed 5 is ready and waiting to be started…  Maybe next week.

Potting up basil and more basil… 

Building Community – Still helping to prepare for our daycare centres Christmas Fair. 

Learn a new Skill – The chicken gate is finished, thanks to my lovely Hubby Tony.  I rang him in a fit of frustration saying ‘Help!.’  I did say I was awful with a hammer!  (Please note he did bring home his fancy new drill and used wood screws!)

But I did the fence myself.  It doesn’t look great, since I used reclaimed chicken wire, but it will hopefully work.  I am hoping to grow Luffas on it so looks won’t matter for too long.

New skills this week?   Pruning the Mulberry tree.  Despite having my Cert in horticulture I am very nervous about pruning trees…  And I’m trying to come up with a good reason why Mr 5yr old should not climb a 3m high pole that is directly over the retaining wall and the pavers.  No, the possibility of falling and breaking something is not a good enough reason to stay on the ground!


3 thoughts on “Back to basics Challenge

  1. I’m thinking of doing my brandywine tomatoes in a tipee too. Just to keep some of them for us as I’m not sure what the native wildlife will do. I think they’re a great idea for protecting the main crop in the centre, while the outside fruit can be nibbled on by the locals.

    I reckon you and the boys will have fun with the tipee!

  2. oh my kids have been eyeing off pictures of been tepees too.. just trying to figure out where we could put one in the play area rather than the veggie area of the garden. Very jealous that you have luffas to plant!!!

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