Vegetable garden – update

Despite not having the computer and being sick, things are still slowly being done at Little Farm.

Pre-sickness on Saturday and Sunday we all put in a huge family effort to finish the 4th bed, filling some more blue tubs and hilling the potatoes.   I still have to mulch the spud bed.  That is todays job.

The water chestnuts are in their final spot (and needing a water top up).  I am really hoping the tub doesn’t smell to bad, my nose is all blocked up, so I have no idea.  The neighbours haven’t complained yet so it can’t be too bad – right?

Bed 5 is in position, I still need to level out the soil so it sits straight, but that can wait for now.  Along with finishing the paths and building the cucumber trellis.  I also need to build a frame to hold up the berry plants.  The raspberries are powering on and desperately need to be staked up.

Post-sickness not alot of things are happening but I have used the last few afternoons to ‘pot up’ alot of the seedlings.

There are more pots than this.  Basil, opal basil, chilli, chards, silverbeets, capsicums and *oh yes* more basils.  I have run out of pots and started to use icecream dishes…  Luckily these are not all for us.  Honestly I don’t think we could eat that much basil!

Later today I will be putting in more seeds – luffas, lettuces, zuchinnis, tomatotes, pumpkins, water/ rock melons and I am sure I can sqeeze in some more bush beans… Seriously you can never have enough bean plants!



One thought on “Vegetable garden – update

  1. Your garden beds look so neat lined up in a row. There’s some serious growing space for veg there, and you’ve got enough basil plants to consider making your own pesto. 😉

    It’s developing really well. Not so good when you’re feeling sick, but thankfully you only had one more bed to put together!

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