What a week, a where do I start?

We had a virus.  On the computer.  It was nasty and required a complete re-write of our hard drive!  Thank goodness we only had photos on it and they are still in on the camera.  So we didn’t loose much.  

We all have a virus, a nasty head cold that makes anything but reclining for the first 24hrs too much….   We are getting better.

For those of you who have entered the giveaway, I have approved the comments, there was a small backlog waiting for approval…   And for all of you who haven’t entered, it ends this weekend!  So hurry!

I should be back to posting tomorrow, swimming & playgroup today.

Looking forward to catching up on all your blogs.



4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hi All,

    I hope that you recover from your human virus soon. A healthy life like yours does help.
    I wonder which is worse to get over a human virus or the computer one. I sympathize, we are on the road to recovery from our computer one. I must remember back up back up back up!!!!

  2. You don’t think computer viruses can be transmitted to people do you:-)?

    Hope you continue to feel better.

  3. Thanks I am feeling heaps better today, though my Hubby is feeling rotten and refuses to say home and rest!
    Yes greenfumb I wonder if we did catch this from the computer? lol

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