Making Lipgloss

I have run out of lipgloss!  This is bad, very bad. 

Now I am not one to wear much makeup as I can have a really bad reaction to some makeups.  The last time I wore a commercially made lipgloss I looked like Angelina Jolie within hours!  (Think really really fat lips)

So I make my own lipgloss with beeswax, oil and honey. 

I usually make mine by just guessing the amounts but I have found a recipe here with the correct measurements.

Ingredients:  Beeswax, Oil and Honey.  For colouring a few drops of beetroot juice or a piece of your favourite lipstick.

In a double-boiler melt the wax, this will take awhile it the beeswax is in a large lump.  When it has melted add the oil and honey.  (Now is the time to also add any essential oils or colouring.)  Melt the wax again and remove from the heat.

Quickly whip the wax with electric beaters, until it starts to change to a creamy colour.  Now quickly pour into your lipgloss pots.  Allow to set. 

For colours, waxes and supplies see Aussie Soap Supplies.


3 thoughts on “Making Lipgloss

  1. Such an easy thing to make. I am glad you like it.
    I am looking forward to buying some colouring next…

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