Our first Salad

I just thought I would quickly share our first salad of the season, we enjoyed last night. 

It was good and needless to say it was enjoyed by all.



2 thoughts on “Our first Salad

  1. Yum! That looks so good. What kind of flowers do you have in there? I’ve got some borage seedlings coming up and I hear their flowers taste a bit like cucumber.

    Did you like the taste of those flowers?

  2. There is johnny jump-ups and chive flowers.
    The kids loved the jump-up (violas) and really disliked the hot-hot flowers (chives).
    The look on Tony’s face when I served a bowl of flowers and ‘rabbit’ food – Priceless!
    I have heard the borage flowers are edible too. I am yet to try them. Our plant is huge, over 1m x 1m, with so many flowers.
    I will try to find the book I saw it in as I vaguely remember something about cordial too?

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