Fruit Fly Control Methods

This is our Peach-a-rine tree.  Looks like it is covered in rubbish.  But it’s not really they are fruit fly exclusion bags.  I am a bit disappointed with the fruit this year, very few of the flowers set.  Oh well there is a week so worth of fruit and there is always next year.

There is three types of exclusion bags I am trialing this year, two I am using on this tree – a wax paper bag available from Green Harvest and a mesh sleeve.  The mesh sleeve is made of fly mesh (you can buy 3 or so metres of it for roughly $4) a length is cut and then folded in half and stitched up the length.  (like the sleeve of a shirt)  The sleeves are then slipped over the tree branch and tied with string at each end. (Let me know if you want how-to-make-it pictures).

Both are very arkward to use, the bags a good for single fruit.  The sleeve is great for several fruit on one branch.  The poor leaves are abit squished up.  But it can’t be as bad as last year when I used an old mozzie net to cover the tree, half the branches were twisted by the end of the season as the net was too small *opps*

I will keep you posted on the outcome with these bags.


5 thoughts on “Fruit Fly Control Methods

  1. My grandafther was an orchadist, he told me to use apple juice (must come from a glass container) or vegemite & water or urine in bottles hung from the trees.

    I use the apple juice, and for the last 20 or so years have had very few fruits damaged, even when the neighbours are full of them. Perhaps luck, perhaps it works, who knows lol


  2. We used the bags on our peach tree and find they work very effectively. The fruit that we bag seem to ripen earlier than the others too. Definitely time consuming.

  3. We’ve got medfly here already, in spite of the Natralure baits 😦 So I’ve been experimenting with exclusion too. The sleeves and bags seemed to squash growing leaves a lot for me, so I’ve changed to a whole tree net made from curtain fabric. Hope they work, I so want to try our own fruit!!!

    I’m planning to keep the Natralure baiting up through the summer to try and keep the FF out of our tomatoes/eggplant/cape gooseberries/other fruit. Fingers crossed.

  4. Some great ideas. I need to make a cover for my parents full size apricot tree, I was thinking tulle` or something like it.
    Oh gosh I hadn’t even gotten around to thinking of the FF in the tomatoes *eek* I am hoping since the loquat trees didn’t fruit this year the fruit fly breeding cycle will be interupted…
    fingers crossed

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