Updates on the Vegie beds

Bed 1 is powering on.  We have eaten alot of the pak choy, so room is opening up for the Tomatoes to go in.   I have moved the rainbow chards, one plant to the chooks and the other to the herb garden.  I also need to thin the lettuces, they are abit crowded.  The zuchinni that I planted at the start has been moved to the Bed 3.  I am hoping it will survive, it was looking abit wilted this afternoon…

The egg plant that I found in the old garden (under a pallet) is starting to flower. 


Bed 2 with the potatoes has erupted into a mass of growth.  I have started to hill the soil up around them.  A few of the plants are a bit slow so I will need to do another hilling later in the season.

Those tiny corn seedlings I showed you a week or so ago are no longer.  With the recent rains they seem to be doubling their size overnight.

I will be sowing another block of seeds in the next few days.  I have planted them so the oldest ones are at the back of the plot that is closest to south.  This way they won’t shade the the smaller seedlings.  I still have to find a hose to put around the top of this bed and trim the plastic *sigh* Tony has been away on-site this week so I haven’t done much this week (Bed 4 still isn’t done *yikes*). 

My mantra this week is ‘lots of baby steps = 1 big step…    lots of baby steps = 1 big step ‘


One thought on “Updates on the Vegie beds

  1. Those veg are doing really well, and the beds look great. I have garden bed envy again. 😉

    If you don’t have a problem with humidity in your area, then bunching the lettuce together actually helps keep their roots moist and cool. We’re trying cramped planting this year, to keep some of the pests at bay and help conserve moisture.

    Re: baby steps: I was just saying to Dave yesterday that after 18 months persevering, it’s just starting to feel like we’re catching up with all those frustrating baby steps. It created the skeleton for everything we’re building today.

    So keep celebrating the small and insignificant steps that lead you where you are today. You’ve done so much since May! In less than half a year, you’ve built a retaining wall, paved, gravelled the driveway, installed a rainwater tank, moved a shed, constructed raised garden beds, fixed the entrance footpath and nurtured your garden – including chooks!

    Phew! I’m exhausted after typing all that.

    So remember the baby steps. They are your building blocks for tomorrow! 🙂

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