I am a real horticulturist now…

It is offical I have finished my Certificate III!


It only took me 4 years to finish it, but wow I am qualified.  *I am currently dancing around the room yelling ‘I did it, I did it!’


5 thoughts on “I am a real horticulturist now…

  1. Thanks, it is. I am still wondering what I am going to do with ‘it’ now. Once our eldest is at Prep next year I might try to find work part time, I guess time will tell.

  2. What an incredible achievement! Did you know you can now legally sell plants you’ve propogated at home? You can also set up your own home nursery and run an on-line business.

    You need to have a ticket in horticulture to do that.

    So you’ve done really well. Congratulations!

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