I have never grown eggplants from seed before, yeah I am lazy and usually buy them at the nursery.  Earlier in the season I tried to germinate a punnet.  No luck. 

So I tried another punnet about 3 weeks ago and just left it in the propargator to see what would happen.  And finally, finally two days ago a tiny hint of green peaked out of the soil.  It appears 4 seeds have germinated, more may appear later! 

But wow, oh wow I am so thrilled I finally managed to grow eggplants!



3 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. I love eggplants, I can’t stand the awful shriveled things they try to pass off as eggplants in the shops. A bit like most homegrown food, once you’ve had fresh you never want to go back!
    I have fixed the chook fence so hopefully they won’t feast on any more plants…. I often threaten that I will eat them if they keep getting in the garden. I think they know this threat is hollow, as I am a vegetarian lol

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