Lemons, berries & some mess

This is the front garden beside the steps.  It used to have a pelagonium planted here that was taking over the garden.  But as we are trying to squeeze as many edibles into the garden as possible it was decided this garden needed a make over.

You can just see the garden in this before picture, beside the stairs.  Beneath the massives of growth there was my gorgeous cottage garden edging, a few iris’s and my most ‘favourite’ plant, kikuya.

 So Monday I ripped it out and planted in the Dwarf Eureka lemon, 2 blioxi blueberries and a few rainbow chard plants that needed planting.  There is still a passionfruit to go in here.  I want to train it along the verandah and back down the stairs.  I love how this garden looks now.


 Now zoom the camera out a little bit and here is the truth shot.  Bricks, dirt, weeds and bags of compost.  Erm I think I need to clean up a little bit & put the front boards back on the verandah.  About 3 months ago we had to rebuild the verandah as it was literally falling apart!  I might tackle these jobs soon.

But despite all the mess I love walking down the stairs and seeing my new path & this garden growing.

Asters, alyssum, daisy’s of many varieties and arum lillies.  Ah lovely.


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