Rain, vegies and laziness….

What a glorious weekend of rain!  We had just over 20mms.  So the earth is warm and wet and all the tanks have been topped up.  Ah lovely….

On the garden front things are moving along rather slowly however Bed 3 is finished and and has been planted out with the corn seedlings, that I grew earlier last month.  10 successful germinated and have been planted out, also I put in a further 8 seeds.  I will put in several more blocks of seeds later but most of the garden will be dedicated to the cucurbit family.  And since corn is such a water thirsty crop I am not wanting to grow alot of it.  I read somewhere you could drown corn and it still would want more water!  I don’t know how true that is 🙂

I think cucumbers and water melons would be much more appreciated by the children…  Also in this garden I have planted a handful of fast growing windsor long pod dwarf beans and spring onions.  Simple quick turn over crops seem to be popping up everywhere in the garden at the moment.  In pots or any available space I can find.

Bed 4 is under construction now.  Due to the rain over the last few days it currently looks like a swimming pool!  I think there is about 2 inches in the bed!   I dug down to the bottom of the other beds today and they are only just damp 3/4 of the way down.  Phew no bursting gardens yet.

Bed 1 is exploding into new growth the Pak Choy is almost ready for picking and the tiny tim tomato has tiny fruit forming on it.  Bed 2 has is now full of little spud plants.  It won’t belong before I start having to hill the soil around the plants.

Later today I am off to grab some mulch to put down between the beds as with the recent rain I now have mud!  I think it will make the area look alot nicer.

Also I will be putting the apple trees along the wall and I really have to plant our a few of these

This is my mature plant nursery.  There is a lemon tree, a few blueberries, a raspberry, rosemary and rainbow chard.  Oh and my grapes.  A few of them are waiting for me to get an area ready for planting, but most I just haven’t gotten around to planting out yet. 

So with the soil soft & moist, more rain predicted later in the week and the boys off to daycare today & me having finished my Tafe course for the year – I have no excuse to get out and do some planting!

Have a brillant day


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