New potatoes

The spuds are finally emerging from the earth.  The Nicolas were the first to appear on Sunday, next the Kipler on Tuesday and finally today the Pink Fir have tiny leaves emerging.

I still have the Toolangi Delight Potatoes to go in.  I ran out of room in the spud bed.  The toolnagi spuds have a lovely purple skin and a creamy coloured flesh.  It is almost too late to plant them out now, I might hang onto them, (as they have no eyes growing yet) and plant them out when the summer heat is starting fade.

If you don’t have the room to grow your spuds in the ground here are some other great alternatives


One thought on “New potatoes

  1. One of the most beautiful sights in the world to a gardener is the emerging shoots of spuds through the soil surface. Brings joy to the heart.

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