New season fruit


The peach-a-rine (a cross between a peach and a nectarine) is starting to form this seasons fruit.  Last year we picked about 15, there was alot more but they developed a fungal disease that causes the fruit to go mouldy, Peach leaf curl.  This year I sprayed the tree with bordeaux solution so hopefully I won’t lose any fruit. 

Once all the flowers are finished I will cover the whole tree with a fruit fly net.  I will have to buy/ make a new one this year as last years is too small. 

Oh my mouth is watering at the thought of sun warmed fruit….


6 thoughts on “New season fruit

  1. Nicole they taste like peaches without the fur and have the meaty texture of a nectarine.

    Stewart, the net we used last year was an old mozzie net for a bed. It tore abit but we didn’t get any fruit fly on the fruit. This year I think I might try tulle, as the tree is still small, Spotlight had it on sale in their last catalouge so it might still on special. I will just sew strips of it up to make one big net.
    The big UV stablised nets are available from green harvest, I think they are from $50 to $90for small ones.

    Chris, the tree is 3 years old now I think. We brought it at Walshes for some expensive price of $50 I think. I like shopping for my fruit trees there as they have a guarentee on all plants sold!

  2. I must admit it’s been a while since I’ve shopped at Walsh’s seeds, but I’ve always been impressed with the range of stock they had in store.

    Love their indoors plants section.

  3. I don’t get out there very often myself, and sadly they do not have the amount of plants they used to stock.

    I love the vegetable section, always heaps of good quality plants in stock.

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