New Lemons

As you may remember for my birthday I recieved a lemon tree from my Nana.  Well it is in the ground and already producing Lemons.  They are still small but it is loaded with fruit.

It is a Lots-of-lemon tree which is a lovely compact tree that is happy in a container or a court yard garden and will produce fruit almost if not equivelant to a full size tree!


5 thoughts on “New Lemons

  1. The tree looks loaded. One thing I would mention is that the usual advice is to strip the fruit from small trees before they grow. This allows the tree to build some strength into it before it fruits. So my grandfather who was an orchardist for eons told me many years ago.


  2. Nicole – Lemons are always hungry, Have you given them their spring feed? Also you might have a late fruiting variety. So the flowers will not be until later. I envy you for the oranges, I am no where near ready to put our trees in yet, I still have to finish the vegetable garden.

  3. Molly, you have made a good point and I agree that I will have to srip off the fruit. Well most of them, I might leave that big one on that is in the photo. We haven’t had home-grown lemons for so long. My meyer lemon is 4 years old and has only given me half a dozen fruit. There is too much root competition where it is.

    Sadly my apple trees will be stripped too, each tree has about 6 tiny fruit on it, but they too will have to go. I want to get them in the ground hopefully in the next 2 weeks. Only issue with planting them out now is they will need alot more water, however they can not stay where they are….
    thanks for stopping by ~ Em

  4. my Lemon is Eureka, fruit all year with the main crop in summer & yep all the fruit trees have been fed.
    as the Oranges are new i will be stripping the fruit even tho they both had a few small fruit last year

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