New… chooks

I have some new ‘girls!’  3 Langsham X  bantam hens.  They have lovely big black eyes and the softest feathers!

We picked them this morning and already we have had 2 eggs from them.

Usually you introduce new chooks to the coup at night when they are all sleeping, as it makes the transition  slightly easier.  However I had to put them all in together first thing this morning and so far they have gotten along with only a few fights.  There is one very dominant hen, I opened the travel cage in the pen when I brought them home this morning & she walked right out, acting like she owned the place!

Here is our 3 orginal red girls, for the first time in months we have had 3 eggs in one day, I think they were trying to say  ‘See we can still do it!’  🙂   I am hoping to sell some of the eggs when they are all laying.  I think I will have to build a bigger chookhouse to accomodate them all, the roost tonight was abit squeezy with them all on it…  I think I will add it to my rather long ‘to do list’


Now to think of a name for them, any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “New… chooks

  1. They are gorgeous! I hear langshans are great layers, and you’ll find them economical with feed to. Speaking of which, my lot are due for a new bag of feed soon!

    Now you’ve got me all clucky for new chooks. So addictive.

  2. They look lovely. My daughter has given our chooks names from Disney movies – so far Anastasia and Esmerelda – very grand for a couple of hens. Wonder if the next two will be Mulan and Pocahontas?

  3. Nicole – just to laugh at me I only got 1 egg from 6 chooks yesterday! I doubt they will lay much for a week or so until they get used to each other. It usually takes 5 days for the flock to settle into the new pecking order. Currently there is 2 fighting for top job, whoever is on top of the feed bin appears to be the boss…

    Chris – Chooks are very addictive. I want more but then I would need a rooster, plus I don’t have the room. They are suprisingly heavy birds, that have been breed as a multi-purpose chook. I read I should get about 220 eggs a year from each bird. How is Mr Sheen fitting in?

    Greenfumb – I like your hens names, A girl friend suggested Dianna Ross and the Supremes? My eldest things chook 1, chook 2, chook 3….

  4. They do look pretty soild, but I didn’t realise they were large. Or are they are small bird that’s just heavy?

    Mr Sheen is a small bird, but heay too. I was surprised how big he was for a pekin. The girls adore him, utterly, they are completely besotted! Being pent up for quite a while in a show pen, I think he’s liking the new life here too.

    I know what you mean about the flock sorting itself out, and I reckon the heat won’t be helping the egg laying matters either. It’s utterly charming though when they do settle in. Their little antics start to warm their way into your heart. 🙂

  5. They are small birds, smaller than average as they are crossed with a bantam breed. They are heavier than the 3 red hens who are breed as layers. But the red ones are bigger in overall size.
    I am glad your girls are liking Mr Sheen, hopefully you will get some baby Mr Sheens in the future.

    The strange weather seems to upset the chooks abit, but they spend most of the day under the deep shade of the Oak tree. So far we have 3 eggs for today… I will have to find some cartons so I can sell the eggs!

    They certainly all have their own personalities, little chook, who is the youngest of the 3 red ones loves mulberries, she has learn’t how to jump up and pick them. Where Big chook another of the red ones loves to hop in the wheel barrow when I am filling it with dirt or weeds – all you can eat buffet, chook style lol!
    They also come to the back door at lunchtime, clucking for some tidbits to eat 🙂 Spoilt? Not at all!

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