Update and some links

The apple flowers are now producing apples


Not alot is happening in the garden this week.  We are having a lovely lazy week catching up with friends and family.  Hence the lack of posts 🙂

While we are relaxing however the garden is still growing and seeds are still germinating.  The tomatoes are ready to be potted on and the basil seeds I planted earlier last week have germinated & are ready to come out of the propargation box.  These things can’t wait so they will have to be done. 

But the rest of the jobs & the vegie beds can wait a few days….  and so will my posts until Monday.  We are off to the park today, tomorrow my Mother in-law is visiting and Sunday hopefully a sleep-in and a BBQ lunch!

So to tide you over check out these sites, I am forever haunting this one and drooling over photos

           Path to Freedom

This site is great for planning what needs to be planted and when it will be harvested.


Or check out my blogroll on the side bar, there is some truly inspirational writers out there in blogland.

Until next week, relax put your feet up & enjoy  ~Emily