Vegie Beds

As you can see the all but one of the beds are in place now.  I think I might be able to squeeze a 6th one in right next to the clothesline. 

This is Bed one, it will be the Solanaceae bed, for plants such as capsicums, tomatoes, chillis and eggplants.  At the moment it has some dwarf beans and pak choy seedlings in it.  Both of these are just filling in until the tomato seeds are big enough to be planted out. 

Sunday I found an eggplant from last years garden happily growing through the slats of a pallet that was dumped ontop of the old vegie garden!  It happily survived the winter being protected by the pallet.  I will pop it to into the garden in the next few days.

This is bed 2 it is also another Solanaceae bed with Potatoes in it.  I think all up I planted 1.2kg of spuds in here.  Kipler, Pink Fir and Nicola.  It is abit hard to tell in the photo but the soil down the middle is hilled up for now, later it will be pulled back over the plants.  Also I have covered the soil with abit of mulch to protect the soil in this blazing heat we have been having the last few days.

This is bed 3.  It is currently filled with grass clippings and some dynamic lifter.  Later it will be the corn and curbit bed.  Along with pumpkins, rockmelons, cucumbers, zuchinni and squash.  I don’t think I will be able to fit too much in here really.  The pumpkins will grow under the mulberry tree where the chooks won’t eat them.  I will use a large oz style olla to water them as it is so dry in the gardens at the moment. 

Hopefully I will have this bed completed in the next few days. 

Beds four and five are still empty, bed six still needs to be built.  (we ran out of screws 🙂 )

Bed 4 will have root crops in it such as onions, beetroots, carrots and such.  Bed 5 and 6 will be legumes and green manure, I think.  I am still working on the planting plan for these two.

Meanwhile I have planted out the elephant garlic,  and also transplanted into the tub the last 5 bulbs of the Italian white garlic I planted out earlier in the year.  The chooks decided it was a nice place to sit and sadly most of the bulbs have died.  I know better for next time! 

I finally took my Mary Washington Aspargus out of the styrofoam box it was waiting in (oh for the last 2 mths!) and put it into its own tub.  It has some lovely feathery fronds up at the moment, I will keep it well protected as it really isn’t the right time to be moving asparagus. 

And lastly I finally put the ginger tubars in a tub.  They were starting to sprout little knobbly bits sitting in my seed box, yeah they probably have been waitng for as long as the asparagus to be planted out.  The problem with most of these plants is they are only available for a few weeks each year.  I brought these last three from Green Harvest.  They will be available again in April 2009. 

So lots has been happening in the garden, and things are finally starting to come together.  I think the rest of today will be spent sieving more dirt and filling bed 3 in or maybe a quick nap in the shade before the boys get home from daycare…..


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  1. They look great side-by-side now. I almost expect to see Peter Cundle leaning over them, bragging about how wonderful organically grown vegetable are!

    Well done. I hope the future vegie crops taste divine!

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