Just a quick update, I am still working on filling bed 2 in. 

Earlier in the week I scored a trailer load of grass clippings.  So I have filled the bed half up with the clippings, then threw in some orgainic dynamic lifter on top and watered it well.  It has started to breakdown really well so later today I will start to fill it in with some dirt.  (Fresh grass clippings can cause nitrogen draw down see here for more details)

Other than that I seem to have spent the week tiding up the yard and sorting out piles of stuff left over from cleaning out the shed.  Oh yes our yard still looks like a bomb has gone off.  I think another trailer load to lifeline is needed… 

Also I have updated the tags (fruit, vegies, herbs) at the top of the page  They are now all up to date with what is growing… 

Have a wonderful weekend, I will be back on Monday with hopefully something slightly more interesting to tell you and heaps more pictures  ~Emily


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. I’m going for the whole derelict yard feng shui look myself. As long as the mess balances around the yard, it works for me. 😉

    Are you a member of the Darling Downs Freecycle group? I’ve given a few items away that went to good homes in need of them. It’s just another way of recycling stuff. Lifeline is good too.

    Hope you won’t give away your old pavers though – as you can use them around the yard! 🙂

  2. Hey Chris
    I will remember to use the Feng shei excuse next time my hubby complains about my mess in the yard 😉

    I have looked at the free cycle site, but not much of our stuff is of great quality that could be recycled…. I should sign up as I have some bathroom tiles, very 70s style… Also I wonder if anyone has the need for 12 used tyres?

    We still have the pavers, my neighbour was eyeing them off wondering if he could have some! Tony is talking about building a gazebo/ carport so we might need them for the base of it. He wants grape vines growing on the sides of it. 😉 My kinda man lol….
    Most of the stuff we took to the dump/ lifeline was old kids toys (lifeline) and termite eaten timber (green waste). Little less of a pile now…. But I do have 56 Fowlers bottles to sell!

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