Strawberry towers 2

I think I can say the towers are successful!  All but 3 plants are dripping in fruit or else flowering. 

Yum I am really looking forward to homegrown strawberries!


2 thoughts on “Strawberry towers 2

  1. Oh! Thanks for sharing these pictures. I tried growing strawberrys in a basket this year and although it worked fairly well, my problem is now how to winter it over. I live in Wisconsin. Since these plants are not in the ground how do I keep them from freezing out? I’m figuring if I just bring them in and put them in my basement it will be too moist and not cold enough. Do you have a suggestion?

  2. Hi thanks for stopping by.

    Strawberries can be stored bare rooted in damp sand, over the winter period. This might work for your plants.
    Try googling “Storing strawberry plants over winter” there should be lots of information available.

    Sorry I can’t be of much more help, our winter is never cold enough to worry our strawberries.
    Goodluck ~Emily

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