Vegie garden – bed one

Bed One is complete!  There is still some more planting to be done but so far we have – dwarf beans, california wonder capsicums, marigolds, ruby chard & yellow chard (the chards I dug out of the little vegie garden)

Lettuce, one tomato and a zuchinni are still to go in.  This is a bit of everything bed for now, just so I have some staples growing.  Eventually I want to use a crop rotation method.  And what I can not fit into the garden can go into some blue tubs. 

Now on to Bed Two


9 thoughts on “Vegie garden – bed one

  1. ” you are putting my garden beds to shame ”
    Sorry Nicole, lol. These gardens have been a long time in the planning stages. If it wasn’t for the damn tree roots that get into all the gardens I would have done them in the ground.

    Yes it is looking good, I am so happy it is all finally coming together…

  2. Wow, that looks fantastic, I love raised beds 🙂 Well done on all the hard work, it must feel great to see it coming together.

  3. Hi Em, thanks for your lovely comments.
    Yep it does feel great to finally get the gardens in. 😀
    I am putting off filling the second bed today, (with dirt) my shoulders are still aching from earlier in the week. I think the last few beds will be no-dig type ones as we are very quickly running out of soil!
    Thanks for stopping by ~Emily

  4. I’m a little envious but also very happy you’ve gotten your first bed up and running. Once those vegies take off, they’ll dwarf the bed!

    Here’s to a productive season. Love your team handiwork!

  5. Hi Chris. Thanks for your lovely comments. The garden is looking good, everything is growing well & seeds popping up everywhere.

    I am trying the method of “cramming as much as possible in the beds” and hoping it will all grow. The second bed is the spud bed and I think I planted 1.2kg of spuds in it (in a space of 3mx1m!), so I should be harvesting a fair bit. -fingers crossed-


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