Keeping Track



This is my note book, full of ramblings that possibly only I can understand, however it is wonderful for referring back to what I planted, where I brought particular plants, the weather and if I see great ideas online or in books I can jot them down in here and then find them later when I am ready to try them. 

Also you would find lots of check lists for jobs to be done, details on how to prune particular plants, flowering dates of the fruit trees and harvesting details.  When I notice pest or disease in the garden and any treatments used. 

Lots of these things I referrer back to later, it is also essential for planning sowing times and planting times for the next year. 

Do you have a garden journal?


3 thoughts on “Keeping Track

  1. yes i have a garden journal & i think anyone who has a garden should have one, even if they dont grow veggies. no one can remember every place you purchased plant X & how much it was.
    it is also great to keep track of your spending.

  2. Hi Nicole.
    I never really considered a garden journal until I saw my grandfaather in-law farm journals, several years ago. The records go back over 110yrs and have been passed down father to son. It is amazing how much he refers to them when planning crops and for the calving seasons.
    I think I record everything in mine but how much I have spent on plants… lol I have to have some secrets from my hubby!
    😉 ~Emily

  3. the only part my hubby plays in my gardening is the eating LOL
    wow they would have been some records to see.
    the great thing about them is you learn from others mistakes

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