Veggie beds – the making of

It has been a busy few days here with plenty of building going on. 

After much debate about the final size of the veggie beds, it was decided that the corrugate would be cut in half width ways to reduce the height.  The corrugate was 85cm wide, that is high and also it would take a heap of ‘dirt’ to fill the beds.  Especially when there is at least 5 of them.

I decided to build each bed 3m long and the width 1.5m.  It was only once we put the two beds together I realized just how big they were. *Erm think swimming pools*   Worst of all only 3 would fit!  *Yikes*  So back out with the trusty grinder again to be trimmed down to 1m wide.  Now I can fit alot more gardens in.

For the corners Tony attached the corrugate to some Hardwood timber I found in my ‘keep-it-for-later, as-I-might-need-it-wood-pile.’  He debated for 1/2 a day over what to use, eventually I became sick of waiting (yeah I am impatient) and made the decision to use the timber.  Most simply because that is what we had.

Late in the afternoon in the cool, I dug out the centre of the garden, to form a V shape.  Why? 

We are lining the beds with 200um plastic to hopefully stop the huge roots that get into all the pots and gardens -see photo below of my old strawberry tub!-  In most wicking beds the plastic only goes up half way so heavy rain can overflow out the sides, but I am very tempted to go all the way up to the top to stop the invasive roots.  In the strawerry tubs the plastic only went up half way and it took 6mths for the roots to get into the tub! 

What do you think?  Tony has visions of a huge downpour and the whole thing bursting water and mud everywhere!  I am thinking fancy tarp cover to stop the rain in a heavy down pour….   😉

The bottom of the V shape is filled with gravel to hold any excess water.  I was going to use the agri pipe like in a wicking bed however the budget is abit tight this week so gravel I already had was the next best thing. 

So once the sunrays loose their bite I will be back out in the garden sifting the soil, kept from the the digging of the ‘big hole,’ to remove rocks, building rubble and the kikuya so I can have clean soil for my gardens. 

And then, finally, Finally I can fill the beds with soil and manure goodness and *oh wow* plant some vegies!


2 thoughts on “Veggie beds – the making of

  1. Lots of positive progress on the vegie bed front. Great work and you’re nearly there!!

    Personally, I love the old “use what we’ve got” approach. It saves having to store stuff you keep meaning to use one day – and you get to finish the project.

    Can’t wait to see how your vegies grow. 🙂

  2. very cool, i lov using what we have at hand, we dont drive so making trips to the shops for this & that just dose not happen.
    i think the 1m wide beds is a perfect size. cant wait to see it full of veggies :o)

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