Update – herb garden

With not too much happening this week in the gardens, as I am still preparing the new garden site.  I thought today I might look back at what I have done and how the herb garden has grown. 

All the plants are growing so well, with the weather warming up I am watching for plants bolting to seed.  So far only the corriander is starting.  It is the yellowish coloured one next to the red chard at the front.  The calendulas & johnny-jump-ups have flowers coming up, but the poppies are not quite ready.


2 thoughts on “Update – herb garden

  1. Hi guys,
    Just found your site and thought I’d say hello. I’ll drop in and out from now on and see how you get along. 1/2 block in Toowoomba, you lucky things:)

  2. Hi Stewart, thanks for stopping by. We are lucky to have such a big block in town, especially when many yards seem to be shrinking away, making room for more houses or even worse bigger houses.
    I too will stop by your blog regulary to see how your garden is growing, it looks wonderful, I am so envious that you can grow leeks & carrots, I little to no luck with them… hopefully in the new gardens I will have better luck 🙂
    Thanks ~Emily

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