The Shed – final

The shed is finally complete. 

The roof is on and all nearly all of the stuff is put back in, along with a van & trailer load to the dump and a car load to lifeline.



Now I am moving on to the Raised Vegetable Garden Site.  Here is the garden site before:

There is still a large amount to be done to the garden site/ old shed site, but here it is at 4.30 this afternoon

The garden site

Most of the ‘stuff’ is moved now, a few car parts to go and we found some irrigation hose that I will use in the new gardens (you can see it againist the wall).  Oh yes, more pavers to move and a small amount of kikuya to be killed.

I will keep you posted on the progress….


2 thoughts on “The Shed – final

  1. Hi, thanks for all your wonderful comments. The new garden site is so sunny I think it is probably the best place in the yard to grow food. We are very luck to have such a big block. It was the only thing I would not back down on when we were house hunting 🙂

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