The front garden – weeding

With the path now finished, I am faced with this mess of weeds and sand. 


After a good hour of digging and weeding it is now a bit closer to being ready for some plants. 

I will have to figure out a path of some sort for later on to reach the middle mandarin tree for harvesting. 

I am planning on this garden being a cottage garden with lots of perennial flowering plants.  I think alyssum along the path would be a good choice for edging as it is as tough as boots.  I will shuffle a few of the other plants around as they will no longer fit where they are or will be crowded out. 

Oh, and some mulch too!


4 thoughts on “The front garden – weeding

  1. Chamomile should do well too. It’s meant to deter flies and is fragrant when crushed underfoot.

    I love the cottage feel to your garden. Very pretty, but also very useful.

  2. thanks Chris Chamomile is a great idea, I have an apple scented one I will be planting out the back, but I might try to get afew more plants or some seeds. Thanks! ~Emily

  3. Nicole, thanks for the suggestions. I am really liking the idea of wood mulch or a hard path of stepping stones, hmm still pondering this one 😉 ~Emily

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