Strawberry Towers


What would spring be without strawberries? 

After many dismal attempts of growing strawberries in the ground I am trying a hydroponic method this year.  It is a PVU pipe with an elborate drain and tap system.  It is very hard to find a funnel with a tap attached to it…  so this is what hubby managed to scrouge up from one of his suppliers they use through his work.


So far I have 2 towers built that hold six strawberry plants each.  I have another two to build.  I have hung them on the clothes line as it is a wasted space that is only used two or three times a week. 


They are filled with a equal mix of perlite and vermiculite and  I am using the Ionic ‘bloom’ solution to feed them.  In this weather I am only feeding them every second to third day as the tube is staying quite moist.  Once summer is in full swing it will probably be once a day if not twice a day….


4 thoughts on “Strawberry Towers

  1. Oh thanks for that I hadn’t thought of the birds until I read that. The strawberries are getting bigger so I will have to keep an eye on them. ~ Emily

  2. Chris, The strawberries are powering on, the fruit is getting big. Hopefully as we are finishing the mulberries the strawberries will be fruiting!
    I am keeping lots of notes so next year I know what will be fruiting when.

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