We have a slab – Yeehaa!

Despite the awful drizzle and cold wind, we went ahead with the cementing. 

Got to love the very straight retaining wall posts….  I will be cutting them down to height with the chainsaw. , as I am lazy  no to worries about how it will look as,Thank goodness, it will be hidden behind the shed!

The dead grass is from the kids bike ramps

All done.  And I must Thank my clever Hubby for his help with this, I am so glad he knew what he was doing!

Now onto the moving the shed!


2 thoughts on “We have a slab – Yeehaa!

  1. Thanks! It is all dry & hard. The form work basically fell off today so it is offical we can concrete now. 😉
    I am in the middle of empty the shed, and pulling it apart so that I can get it up the back. I hopefully will be finished by tomorrow!
    ~ Emily

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