A sowing I have been

With the vegetable gardens being built soon & the moon right for green crops I have been sowing seeds like a crazy woman.

I have planted so many seeds this week that I have run out of room in the propargater, so I have made one with a styrofoam box and an oven bag. 

I have also planted some water chestnuts, I have them in small pots for now and once the cement truck has been through I will transplant them into their final home.  Funny looking things

The seeds that have been planted so far:


1 punnet – Capsicum ‘Corno di toro’ 

1 punnet – Hellfire Chilli mix

1 punnet – Mortage lifter Tomatoes

1 punnet – Brandywine Tomatoes

1 punnet –  Cherry pear Tomates

1 punnet – dwarf Sunflowers

1 punnet – Windsor long pod beans

1 punnet – Black beauty eggplants

1 punnet – Bok Choy

1 punnet –  Rosella

2 seeds –  Tiny tim tomatoes

2 seeds – California Wonder Capsicums

1 ‘Sugar baby’ water melon

1 Butternut pumpkin


To be planted later

Basil – sweet



More tomatoes




More beans



And more!


What are you planting for summer?








7 thoughts on “A sowing I have been

  1. We’ve got some Brandywine tomato seeds we’d like to plant this season too. I’ve been propagating some pepino and jeruselem articokes cuttings – also some natives and a few daisies.

    I would love to get into planting the veg patch out, but I’m nervous the kangaroos will eat them. Need to fence it off first.

    Hope all your seedlings do well.

  2. Hi Em, thanks for stopping by. The rain has been beautiful for the gardens. We are getting ready to harvest mulberries so the rain should help to sweeten then up.

    I wouldn’t normally sow the big seeds in trays but I want to get a bit of a head start as the first of my gardens won’t be in for at least two weeks. The big seeds are so fiddly to transplant as they can get leggy very quickly if I don’t get them into the full sun as soon as they germinate. I agree root crops really dislike being transplanted.
    We have 3kg of spuds to put in somewhere too, it can be tricky to find somewhere to put them for 6mths. The last lot I grew the chooks ate most of the leaves but we still harvest 4kg of baby spuds.
    Your gardens look lovely & I love the idea of the corriander under the fruit trees, we have alot of self seeded parsley at the moment popping up like weeds! 🙂

  3. Chris, I love summer simply for all the tomatoes you can grow.
    I got a bit excited over the winter and have so many tomato seeds to sow. I am hoping to stagger them out over the season, so we don’t have a huge glut but a constant one ;-). I have heard it is going to be a tough year for fruit flies, which is a worry with the tomatoes. I have seen a few flies around the yard already, usually the loquat tree is starting to ripen now and the flies start there, however the flowers were frosted this year so we have very little fruit. We usually put up traps, netting and bag up the infested fruit but there is a tree 2 yards over, that no one looks after, so it does little to help the problem. 😦

    Have you any plans to build a cage for you vegie garden? Tonys grandfather has a big cage to keep out the rabbits and roos. It took me ages to figure out why he caged his vegies *how embrassing* But you are so lucky to have wildlife so close to your home!
    Aren’t pepinos great, how are they going from the cuttings?
    Also, if you would like any vegie seeds let me know and I can post you some.

  4. Thanks for the offer of seeds. I wouldn’t mind doing a trade from time to time. First things first though, you’re right about a cage. We’re planning to fence an area off, but alas, I’ve got my coop project to finish first.

    I love Spring because there’s always too much to do! 🙂

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