Lovely Rain


Not alot is happening around here with all the lovely rain falling.  10mm 26mm (as of 10am 5/9) so far this week, and the gardens are loving it.  The photo above is the down pipe that fills our tank, I still have to remove the old down pipe that sends the water out to the road, oh and finish painting the verandah!


2 thoughts on “Lovely Rain

  1. your lucky to have a water tank:o) its raining here also & any thoughts i had of finishing my hen house has gone out the window at least until next weekend.
    good luck on saturday i hope it is fine & dry :o)

  2. That rain was just what we needed to fill our water tanks too. But I’d like some sunny weather now please. Sounds like you guys could use some too. Hope the pour goes well on the weekend.

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