Front Garden

While I’m waiting for the cementing – possibly friday now!-   I have found another project to do. 

The front garden

I wasn’t planning on doing out here for a while yet, despite it being a total mess of plants that need pruning and a garden that needs mulching.  We recently removed 3 big trees to make way for the 2 little mandarin trees and so all the remaining plants  look out-of-place….

But John the digger guy came to do the driveway so I thought while he was here I could get him to cut a path for me.  – Previously it was a dirt track weaving between the weeds (no photo sorry, I must remember to take a before pictures!)

above – Friday we had this lovely red dirt channel cut through the front grass.

above – Saturday, Tony removed the cement path.  I am recycling the big bits to make a crazy paving path… somewhere!

A few of the cement lumps

above – Later Saturday I spread the crusher dust, it has changed the appearance of the front area already!

Monday I put down the sand (it’s recycled from under the old pavers we pulled up out the back!)  and then I started to lay the path of pavers, also ones we pulled up off the old verandah out the back.

above – This is the side path that leads to the driveway

above – This is the path from the front steps where the concrete was.  As you can see there is a lot of bricks to cut, the gap sand needs to be spread over them and the edges cemented to stop them moving. 

What do I have planned for this area?  I am still not sure!  Lots of edibles, a few more fruit trees and no grass.  I have put the path in as it is crazy to get the mower out to mow 2sq/m of weeds 

I wonder what the carbon footprint of this venture is.  I feel so guilty using so many resources so I can have a nice path!  At least some of it was recycled! 

 Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Front Garden

  1. Those two paths have really made the entry look more cosy and welcoming. A gorgeous partly shaded spot too. Very cottage garden.

    Coming along well and worth all the effort I’m sure!

    Can’t half tell spring is in the air, hey.

  2. Roses can add both visual interest and a beautiful smell to your garden. Adding them to a landscaped garden can give your garden an entirely new look and feel that you will enjoy and love for a long time to come.

  3. Hi & thanks for stopping by. Yes it does look alot better than the nasty old cement we had, it has changed the whole feeling of the front yard. I am really loving the curvy paths!
    The next job will be to tackle the kikuya and dandelion jungle 😉 ~ Emily

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