New plants

Some new plants have come to join us….

  • salad burnett
  • apple scented lawn chamomile
  • cress
  • tansy
  • lemon savory

For my birthday last week my nana brought me a lots-a-lemon tree.  (I turned 27)

A bare-rooted crimson sultana and an Marroo seedless grape vine.  The Marroo grape is an Australian developed grape, here is some info about it. 

Marroo Seedless


Marroo Seedless berries are black, medium, short elliptic and seedless. They have a crisp skin and pleasant taste. Bunches are large conical and moderately loose. The vine has good vigour and yield.  
Pruning: spur prune to 24-28 spurs, with two buds per spur.
Crop thinning: before flowering thin to one bunch per shoot and after fruit set, trim lower half of each bunch.
Crop load: maximum of 30 bunches per vine.
Use of GA: do not use GA as it may cause excessive berry drop and produce straggly bunches (or no bunches) in the following season.
Rootstocks: incompatibility has been reported for Teleki 5A. Other rootstocks, 1103 Paulsen, Freedom, Harmony and Kober 5BB, have been used successfully.
Colouring: not required.
Maturity: minimum 16° brix.
Harvest period: late January to late February.
Cool storage: unknown.
Susceptibility to rain damage: slight.
Susceptibility to sunburn: low.
Special notes: this variety is susceptible to Powdery Mildew infection. Bunches must be picked within 7-10 days from maturity as the berries soften quickly on the vine.

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And finally a coffee bean tree.  I found this at the markets this morning and couldn’t resist it.  Buggered if I know where I will put it at the moment, so I might pot it up for now and give it a good feed.


5 thoughts on “New plants

  1. Happy birthday! Love the coffee bean plant. It’s good to try these things out to get a bit of knowledge about something new. I love getting new plants – it’s such a buzz! I reckon spring plant shopping is the best time of the year to shop.

    Where did you get the tansy? I’ve been wanting to grow some for me chooks.

  2. Chris
    Thanks for the birthday wishes.
    I brought the tansy at ‘The Good Earth’ at Highfields – its on the main highway, down the road from the chocolate cottage. They are an organic nursery that stocks alot of edible plants some that are difficult to find.

  3. Should have know it would be TGE…I love their stuff and how they set-up their nursery. My daughter loves it too. She talks to the wombat and kangaroo sculptures whenever we visit.

    Thanks, I’ll have to go visit them again.

  4. It is the most lovely nursery, Love love their stock so much. I am very guilty of spending lots of money there!

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