Frost damage – part 2

We have had a few weeks of heavy frosts, and some of the more tropical plants are suffering.  This is a dragon fruit, it was in a sheltered spot and covered but it still froze!  I will pot it up tomorrow, give it abit of TLC and hope it will survive!

This is the Chocolate Sapote.  It is a tropical plant, but should’ve handled our climate, but it too has been burnt.  This one surprised me as it was kept was in the nursery section of the garden.  Which is a sheltered spot that shouldn’t get frost, obviously not by its blackened leaves.

Hopefully we are near the end of the frosts for the winter season!


One thought on “Frost damage – part 2

  1. Argh! What a pity – have my fingers crossed that they will recover for you. I lost a carambola this year too, but luckily now even though we got down to 0’C, the backyard was protected enough by the palms I have planted around the perimeter to not have anything “burnt” although I do have some cold damage…

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