The cementing is still pending, my hubbys friend is a bit busy this week with his work, so he said hopefully Monday or Tuesday, next week. 

I am getting impatient already as we are so close to getting to having vegies growing.  I just have to remind myself that there’s the shed to move and the stuff in it still…. 

In the mean time the driveways being dugout slightly and refilled with gravel.  This is vital as the red dirt is as slippery as ice when it becomes wet, we have all taken a few tumbles and slides down the drive as of late.  The ‘digger man’ – as the kids call him – should be here by Thursday. 

Meanwhile, I will be taking a break from blogging for the next week as I have a Tafe assignment that needs to be finished.  So I will be back next Monday or Tuesday, have a great week and fingers crossed that the cementing and the driveway will be finished.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Good luck with the assignment and the driveway. Excellent idea getting it surfaced. Rain is predicted for tomorrow (my tank needs it) but I hate the mud afterwards.

    Looking forward to seeing how your driveway develops.

  2. Shh don’t tell I am ment to be doing that assignment….
    The driveway is half done, pictures are coming on monday… We also have a huge path dug out to the front steps….. more paving and a small mountain of concrete to dig up and then repave….. You know where I will be this weekend!

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