Off to a Auction we go….

We are off to my first serious clearing auction this weekend, that is the first one where I have money to spend at it….

There are lots of goodies I have my eye on the main ones are the chicken feeders and the colourbond roofing, if it is the right colour, mountain blue.  The colour bonds for the roof when we replace the super 66 it now has.   Oh and the Qty garden tools…. of course.

If you are going I will be the woman whose husband is saying ‘Do we really need that tractor & and the boxes of sundry items, dear?’  Honestly I don’t know what to expect so I will go with an open mind and closed slightly open cheque book.


2 thoughts on “Off to a Auction we go….

  1. No bargains… We wondered why lots of people were leaving as we were arriving. Well it was alot of rubbish -To put it bluntly- The chook feeders were for a commercial set up not 3 chooks and the garden tools looked like something you would hang in your garden as an antique.
    There is another one on the 3rd september out near meringandan so I might go to that one.

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