Frost damage

I don’t think the Pepino will survive, we have had a few heavy frosts this week & I noticed this today while watering. 

It has only been in for a few weeks and is 3/4 black now, but I will leave it as is until the frosts have all passed and see what happens.

Have you lost anything with the frosts? 


2 thoughts on “Frost damage

  1. Oh your poor pepino. I do hope it survives. I’ve been lucky so far. Even though plants are suffering in the minus temps and frosts we’ve been having followed by dry heat on the same day, my luffa and mystery vine still have a few flowers and some baby fruit. It’s amazing really.
    I just love your posters.

  2. I am still not sure if it will survive. It is very black all over. I think I have also lost my dragon fruit, it has turned all watery looking. I have moved it to a more protected place so it may survive. This weekend we are ment to have minus 2-3 temps! Despite this the plants are all powering on as if it is spring. I hope the mulberries survive the cold snap! ~ thanks for stopping by~

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