The shed pt 1 – bartering

The next major step for Little Farm is to move the shed, aka a lawn locker.  It’sn in the middle of our yard and hogs the best of the sunlight.  At last things are starting to move along…

The big shed behind the lawn locker is the neighbours shed.   As you can see all the mess is still in the yard along with lots of fowlers bottles and a tub of silverbeet


Bartering   Our previous car an early 80s falcon died in January, quite literally (electrics & rust) and had sat waiting to be wrecked.  (ok I am getting to a point here lol)  One of my hubbys good friends is a builder and fixes cars as a hobby.  Alas he needs some falcon parts!  We need some concerting done….  So they are bartering the concerting skills for some car parts, Fantastic

The boxing is ready for the crusher dust to be spread, there was a little bit of crusher dust left from the paving but not enough.  It’ll be measured up this weekend and hopefully the cementing done next week (fingers crossed!)

To the right is the loquat tree and the left is the Oak tree – you can’t see the trunk.


One thought on “The shed pt 1 – bartering

  1. That’s a nice size lawn locker. Ours is only 3x3m.

    Isn’t it nice to think that your car will be recycled, and give you one more parting gift – a shed pad! Mates rates are great aren’t they.

    Looks like it will get some good shade where you’re placing it too.

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