Aerial Photos


Here is an aerial view of the little farm taken almost 12 months ago.

  1. The huge Oak tree we share with our neighbours
  2. The shed in its current site
  3. Where the big hole was dug & paved
  4. The new site for the shed
  5. (the line with no number lol ) is a Jacaranda tree that the neighbours have since removed for earth works.

As you can see our blocks are all narrow and long.  There is not a lot of room for livestock, but certainly chooks (I am looking to increase our flock to at least 8 in summer) and heaps of room for vegies and fruit trees.

If you are wondering what all the coloured ‘things’ are all over the yard?  Toys, bikes, the bins,  building supplies, potted plants, chook tractor and goodness know what other stuff… 


2 thoughts on “Aerial Photos

  1. What vacinity do you live in Toowoomba? We use to have a place in Harlaxton which looks very similar in “period” to your house.

    Only your yards are far bigger than the lots where we lived.

    Nice place you have there!

  2. Chris, we live smack between Wilsonton and Newtown. The house is a simlar period to harlaxton properties. late 50s to early 60s…. Complete with super 66 roof! It should be going sometime in the next 12mths….
    We are very lucky with the big block. It was high on my wish list for a bit of land, bigger than a postage stamp, if I had to live in town. I envy the neighbours they have a double block, Imagine the vegies I could grow on that and the chooks!

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