Something I feel I should mention, as I believe so much in sustainable living is why some products we are using are not very sustainable, such as the pavers and cement.  We want to make this property appealable (is that a word?) to future tenants.  Whilst we go off to be duck farmers  fair dinkium farmers….. Ok stop laughing now….   Also we want the hard landscaping parts to last and be safe, especially for tenants.

I have looked for 2nd hand bricks and pavers but it’s very hard to find them.  And when I did they were not great quality or 2hrs away. *shock*  As for the cement, I have found this stuff, but am unsure if is available here yet.  The other question is how expensive is it?  This is a major issue for most renovator and builders.  The cost verse the sustainability of the product.  I mentioned this in a earlier post when we were purchasing the sleepers.  (Funny enough half came from a chain store, we had to pick them up and the 2nd lot from a local business who gave me a discount and delivered them!)

Well I hope this explains why we are doing it the way we are and surely when we are harvesting kilos  tonnes of homegrown produce it will make up for it all just a little bit, right?