Aussie Style Ollas

Avid Path to Freedom readers would have seen their wonderful Ollas.  How I would love some of their earthy shaped ones however it would’nt be practical  nor sustainable to ship them here from the states *sigh*.

So what to do…  I tried our local pot guy but they have never stocked them.  So I decided to try normal terracotta pots….

Believe it or not they have worked!  Interested in trying it?  Here’s how:

Step one – Find a terracotta pot that is not sealed or glazed, for big ones they only cost about $7 at the most.  Or be frugal and use an old one…

Step two – Seal up the hole in the bottom, I used some sticky silicone stuff I found in the shed, that is waterproof (most important)  – Maybe check to be sure it seals too once dry, but I didn’t bother)

Step three – Dig a hole big enough to accommodate the pot,  almost up to the top (about 2cm from the top lip)

Step four – Bung it into the ground and back fill

Step five – Fill with water and find a cover – this is important as mozzies will breed in it *yuck*  I use old plates, aluminium pots and styrofoam cut to shape for lids

Step six – plant around it using seedlings or seeds (As you can see this one already has plants around it.  Above – Snow peas…)

This is such a cheap and simple way to grow plants.  I fill my ‘Ollas’ about once a week in the dry weather, if it is raining, two or three weeks depending on your soil type.

Celery loves the constant water, you can just see the pot in this one….  an old aluminium pot is a great cover.