Harvest time

It’s mini harvest time at Little Farm.  Guess what I grew my first of?


I have grown food since I was 5 and have never, ever grown a carrot.  I have tried here for the last 3 years to grow them, but no luck, not even to get them to germinate.  Why, is it so hard?  I’ve decided ants keep eating all the seeds.  But recently I read an article (sorry, no idea what it was in but I know she wrote it) by Jackie French (one of my favourite writers!) that said to ‘mix the seeds with tea leaves to discourage ants from eating them’  Sure I will try anything to stop the buggers.  And guess what, it worked.  5 whole carrots have grown!   I think lack of water also didn’t help this year because I know I put in more than 5 seeds also I think the chooks found them too along with the ‘buzz light year’ beetroot that never grew too. (Seeds from Yates our youngest found at the nursery one day)

This is the first of the carrots, cool sweet and earthy tasting

Oh there was more peas but the kids ate them while I was finding the camera lol