Tis’ the season for Loquats

It appears the Loquat tree flowered when I wasn’t looking.  Today I noticed this

yummy!  We picked them before the birds got to them….

But somehow I don;’t think they’re quite ripe yet….


Just a quick note:  We usually don’t get Loquats until the end of August/ beginning of September.  Last year was slightly earlier than the year before, so when exactly I will get my glut of a crop?  I will keep you posted…


2 thoughts on “Tis’ the season for Loquats

  1. I’ve read that loquats are supposed to taste better than the lychee, but my experience with them is they’ve always tasted bitter. Maybe I was tasting too early also?

    Will be Interested to know if they get better the longer they’re left on the tree.

  2. Hi Chris and Dave
    Oh they definetly taste better the longer they are on the tree.
    These ones have a slight green tinge still, notice around the flower end. When they are ripe properly they are a fab golden colour, but fruit flies, bats, birds and the neighbour kids all love them, so we grabbed them as soon as I saw them.
    Last year they fruited before the F’ flies attacked so we had a huge glut, worm free.
    If you are interested in a tree or two (or three or four lol) I have heaps of seedlings growing, they pop up like weeds! I think they are 2nd year so they should fruit within the next 4 – 5 years.
    Let me know if you are interested. ~Emily

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