Almost done….

So close now, I have about 2 square metres left…


3 thoughts on “Almost done….

  1. Gosh that’s look’n good! Love the simple pattern in the centre too.

    How are you cutting the pavers, and do you intend doing something to the edges to retain the sand?

    Just picking your brains coz I love these kinds of projects.

  2. We hired a brickies saw on the weekend and hubby got creative. The edge is all done now but I still have a few other things to finish before I can unveil it. lol…
    Most certainly I will never leave my hubby alone with a dingo again!
    But it is looking good…. Now how can I make some cheap garden furniture?

  3. Materials for cheap garden furniture? How about free gum tree sapplings? I haven’t tried it myself but have seen bushman’s furniture made with sappling wood, tied together with twine or reeds.

    We constantly fell the sapplings which grow around the house, and already have a few drying out the past few months. As we’re planning another fell soon, you’re more than welcome to the old ones if you can use them.

    We could do a trade, loquot sapplings for felled gum tree sapplings. Better still, if you have a wood burner we always have deadwood laying around.

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