The retaining wall is done… now to the pavers

Oh gosh, finally FINALLY the wall is done (Ok one little bolt needs to go in)  but no more crowbar!!! 

Despite the wall being finished, we seem to be moving in the tiniest of tiniest of baby steps at the moment and I am the worst person at waiting.  I had to wait to get the remaining sleepers to finish the wall.  And now I am waiting for the our digger guy to come back (we had him in last week to level the area properly with a laser level – amazing things, can I have one honey??)  and deliver the crusher dust and level it again for us…  (Listen to me complain sorry!)

All of this is so I can lay these beauties

We have picked a disgusting lovely red shade as we have notorious Toowoomba red clay.  And this clay stains like you wouldn’t believe.  So we decided the red would hopefully blend in with the dirt.  Here’s a preview


So hopefully soon we will have all 1050 of these buggers in place so I can fit the cement truck up the back. 

Thanks for listening to my complaining, like I said I am bad at waiting….


3 thoughts on “The retaining wall is done… now to the pavers

  1. Coming along really well. I have been waiting for the wall to go in. I must say I agree with the colour of your pavers. The Toowoomba red soil stains notoriously, and it will blend in well with the colour you’ve chosen.

    Did you get them directly from Hanson down Griffith Street? We got our retaining wall blocks from Hanson and found them the cheapest around.

    Looking forward to seeing how the pavers open the space up!

  2. Hi Chris and Dave, We brought our pavers at the Darling Down Bricks, in McDougall ST (?) They are hanson pavers but DDB’s were cheaper for such a small amount & the delivery was free in town (YAY!)
    I must say I am itching to get them in…. Photos will be up as soon as the job is done!
    Thanks for stopping by & I love your blog! Em

  3. Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to check-out Darling Downs Bricks in McDougall Street. And hopefully the weather will hold out for you guys to get the paving done! It’s very exicting.

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