Why Chooks should be kept out of the Vegie garden….

Believe it or not these are broccoli plants.


Well they were until the chooks got into them, well one chook in particular, Little Chook.  She is the Houdini of our flock, if there is a way to get out she will.  Some days I walk out the back door and they”ll scurry away.   I feel like I’m on Chicken Run and just busted their escape.

The guilty offender is centre front

In case you are wondering, I am growing them in self watering pots.  These are the greatest things I have ever made!  You can see some instructions here, I modified it to what materials we had around here.  (Minus the lid on the top)  Here is another link if that one didn’t work.



2 thoughts on “Why Chooks should be kept out of the Vegie garden….

  1. Your dog eats cukes! Oh dear lol. We had such a small harvest of brocoli this year, but eggs all winter I guess it is a small price to pay.

    Thanks for stopping by ~Emily

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