Things are moving very slowly around here still.  Hubby is working like a crazy man to finish all the contracted work by the end of the financial year, Only a few weeks left now…..

The big hole: we are getting in a bobcat to level the area for us, so I can put the pavers down, expensive little buggers those things.  We like the look of these pavers, in illiad and the autumn brown, which is a lovely (not) red colour but will disguise the red dirt here a treat.  They are about $23/m2.  Not too bad I guess.

Only a few weeks left of this school term *Oh dear* So my blogs maybe a bit irregular whilst I finish up all my assignments.  I am so close to finally finishing my cert III in horticulture!  WOOHOO!!!

Have a great week, and I hope you are looking forward to some updates of the great happening around here.  Emily