The Retaining wall and the ethics of hardware stores

The reataing wall so far

Things are moving along since the yard was dug up.  The retaining wall is finally begun. 

Purchasing the timber has really pushed some buttons for us, do we buy cheap and save $3.00 a post purchasing them from a ‘chain hardware store’ or do we support the local stores and spend that bit extra?

After a frustrating 2 hours of crunching numbers, getting quotes and figuring just how to get the most out of each 2.4m length we decided to opt out and go for the cheap option.  Shocking aren’t we, it goes against all our better judgement, but in the end we saved over $30.00.  Not much but we are on a tight budget with Hubby on his 3rd year of becoming a fitter turner/ machine fitter. 

This is the result so far (oh yes that mess is still there lol)