The big hole….

I guess by now you are wondering ‘what the heck’ we’re going to do with this huge hole, erm ENTERTAINMENT area in the back yard, apart from use it as a cool bike riding spot for the boys?

Basically a herb garden and a paved area, with real seats, no more milk crates (I am telling the truth for 5, yes 5 years our guests have had to sit on MILK CRATES when they visit!)

Here is my very rough plan of what I want to do in this area. There will be lemon grass and purple fountain grass planted around the tank (Big black thing).  Comfrey in the very shady spots behind the tank. (left-hand side)
The green mess on the right is our herb garden. There will be a blueberry or 3 and a lavender, against the wall. Parsley, chives assortment down the path (spiked looking things) Mints, violets and aloe in the shady area next to the house (bottom right) and the rest will be stevia, sage, thyme, basil, lemon balm, bergamot, dill, coriander & basically all my herby things. If I can fit it in I might put in a dwarf fruit tree. Maybe a citrus. This area is a total of 2 x 4.2m.
I am thinking of either drip irrigation or for watering.
All this planting I hope to do in the next week if I can get out into the garden as it is ***RAINING**** YAY, thank goodness we connected the tank!