Breaking the earth

Our first major change here, will be the back area, directly behind the house.

It all started when we hired a dingo digger to level out the new shed site and dig a hole for our tank.

Hubby nominated himself to dig the hole for our tank, as it was higher that the down pipe. Well what was ment to be a small 2 x 2m hole turned into a big 7 x 8m hole….. Erm I believe it’s  an entertainment area (?)

Note to self never, never leave hubby alone with a dingo digger!!!!!  No it is not as bad as I am making it sound, it will be lovely to have some where to sit with friends that has real seats and not milk crates! Here is a few pics of before and after.  (Don’t you hate it that you only see all the mess AFTER you have taken the photo! – So yeah our yard is a bomb at the moment!!)


Just started digging

Almost finished now


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