A full year of fruit

One of our big goals this winter to get most of the deciduous fruit trees in.  How do we know what and how many we will need.  We started by deciding what we like to eat, apples, oranges, mulberries eg.

Then comes the research, what is an early fruited, is it low chill, is it self pollinated or needs another tree with it?  Phew, thank goodness for Daley’s Fruit.

Now I like lists and we want to be totally self sufficient in fruit all year, so I made this list to bring all this info together.

Looks impressive doesn’t it, hopefully it will work as easy as this in the garden!

Fruit harvest a full year


2 thoughts on “A full year of fruit

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  2. Hi I have finally dropped by, sorry for the delay, it look like you are moving in leaps and bounds. I look forward to watching your progress, Great job

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